Let’s Kill Hitler Screening Q&A Tidbits

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At last night’s BFI screening of Let’s Kill Hitler, a question and answer session with Steven Moffat and co followed the episode. It revealed some intriguing details on what’s coming up.

The following are quotes from Doctor Who Magazine, via Twitter:

  • “More dark sides of the Doctor to come” says Steven. “But he’s still fundamentally a nice man.”
  • Would Amy and Rory consider another child? Karen says yes! But Arthur seems very unsure…!
  • A Vastra and Jenny spin off? “Tipping the Scales!” says Steven. “I pitched it to Ben Stephenson, but then I looked at my diary!”
  • Could there be a shock regeneration in time for Christmas? “There could” says Steven. “Trust nothing and no one!”
  • More references to older Who eps to come. “It’s what I do instead of fun” says Steven.
  • Let’s Kill Hitler hint…Three old companions and a Hand of Fear reference

The next two are red herrings:

  • Spoilers? Well at least we didn’t tell you about the Davros/Rani/Omega teamup. Seriously, you know NOTHING. :)
  • Oh, and a new companion! Yes, confirmed by @steven_moffat tonight! ;)

Steven Moffat suggested to attendees that they tease this “new companion” instead of posting real spoilers from the episode.