Let’s Kill Hitler Bridge Scene

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If you are planning on watching Let’s Kill Hitler on BBC America tomorrow, keep an eye out during one of the commercial breaks.

A 60-second bridge sequence written by Steven Moffat is set to air. But rather than a live action scene, it will be a motion comic featuring Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) and a motorcycle chase.

The scene was left out of the actual episode for budgetary reasons.

“The shots were either too impossible to capture or too expensive to create live, so doing it in a motion comic theme from different viewing angles made perfect sense,” said Mark Gall, BBC America’s exec VP-media sales. “It hits all those key things AT&T needs. You’ll even hear the Doctor say things like ‘Anything is possible’ on the series because it’s part of his character, part of how people talk about him during the episodes.”

The scene will be a bonus feature of the DVD, and on Youtube shortly afterwards inevitably.