Latest Chibnall & Whittaker Exit Rumours Reportedly “Nonsense”

Since late 2019 there have been reports that Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker are leaving Doctor Who. Nothing has really been heard since. Until now.

This week, the rumour mill started to fire up again. Social media and forum natter indicated that Chibnall had been “fired”, Jodie was leaving alongside him and filming her regeneration.

On top of that, “Kerblam!” writer Pete McTighe had apparently been appointed as an interim showrunner, while a new team was being sought.

However, the Radio Times has now stepped in, with a “well-placed” source telling them: “This is all total nonsense.”

“This has originated and spread through the online rumour mill.”

There’s still not been any official announcements from the BBC. So it’s basically a case of who you believe at this point.