Kingston on Angels & River’s Future

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Alex Kingston has spoken about reprising her role as River Song in The Angels Take Manhattan, and the character’s future beyond the episode.

She told The Daily Beast: “River is basically seeing her parents die, seeing them go. God, Steven could have written a whole episode just about that, about the complexities and psychology of that, but he didn’t.

“It is about Amy saying goodbye to the Doctor… and [River] stays much more in the background. But, oh my gosh, I found it hard. I didn’t think I would, just observing them. It was quite emotional.”

However, Kingston thinks the end of the Ponds doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ll see of River.

“Whether River’s journey will come full-circle, I don’t know. How many more episodes or seasons River has, I don’t know that either, but the way that Steven writes, he lays out threads that can be picked up way down the line. For her just to not reappear would be a little strange,” she explained.

Love her or hate her, it looks like River will be around for a while yet.