John Hurt Struggled With Doctor Who’s “Quasi-scientific nonsense”

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day of the doctor batch b (25)The legendary John Hurt has said that he found his role in the The Day of the Doctor one of the most difficult of his career.

Hurt told the Mail: “It was one of the toughest parts I have had to learn, as difficult as anything I have done. There is a lot of quasi-scientific nonsense which doesn’t stay in your head that easily and that meant entire weekends spent on solid learning. I remember Matt said I’d have to give my life over to it because there is a lot of learning and very little time to shoot.”

Speaking about how his Doctor compares with Smith and Tennant’s: “You have three people playing one person. It’s the holy trinity. The War Doctor is not as quicksilver as the Matt and Davids of this world because he comes from a very different place. He is a little stiller and more reflective – a little more world-weary.”