It’s The Big Day

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Is the Doctor really married? And if so, is Idris (Suranne Jones) the lucky lady? We are now just hours away from finding out in The Doctor’s Wife, the fourth episode of Series 6. This story, written by Neil Gaiman, comes with high expectations, but can it live up to them? We’ll find out tonight at 6.30pm on BBC1.

Catch up with all the latest episode updates including trailers, pics, clips and teasers by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we have the results of last week’s poll with how you rated The Curse of the Black Spot. This episode was unable to compete with Day of the Moon and voting was very split. 34% thought it was very good; 28% rated it average; 27% gave it full marks; 9% thought it was poor; and 2% rated it awful.

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We’ll be running another poll straight after The Doctor’s Wife, so don’t forget to join in after and give us your thoughts.