Idris is…

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Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman are both great at cruelly teasing us on Doctor Who. The pair decided to message each other on Twitter over the weekend and they spoke about Gaiman’s episode, which is the fourth in Series 6.

Moffat said to Gaiman: “Ohh, just watched your one again! It’s really good, isn’t it? And look who it is! LOOK WHO IT IS!!!”

Gaiman replied: “Each time I watch it I’m more impressed with Matt [Smith] and Suranne [Jones], and less able to believe that you let me get away with it.”

So what exactly has Gaiman got away with? The latest rumour – Suranne Jones, who is playing a character called Idris, is actually the Doctor’s wife! So not River then…

Now, while this could be bogus there is some info that may back it up. The Doctor, you may remember ‘accidentally’ got married to Marylin Monroe in A Christmas Carol. Now, think back to the 41 Brilliant Book teasers and one of them said “The Doctor will get married – Twice!” So if Monroe is the first, is Idris is the second?