Idris bites back

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More details on the third episode of Series 6 have emerged in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

Previously we reported on filming which involved the TARDIS in a quarry surrounded with broken pillars and wreckage (pictured right). It has now been revealed that this is in fact an alien junkyard planet.

Says the article, “The Doctor, Amy and Rory encounter Idris (Suranne Jones) when the the TARDIS breaks down on an alien junkyard world.”

Last month writer Neil Gaiman said that Idris is an old acquaintance of the Doctor’s and a very important person. There are also a few intriguing new bits about this character.

Although Idris is preparing for death as the story begins, she doesn’t actually die. By the time the Doctor and friends meet her she’s gone mad and ends up biting the Time Lord.

Make of that what you will!