How To Survive Until Series 8 – A Whovian’s Guide

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Guest contributor Daniel Whitaker offers some advice for the long wait ahead.

Hey there guys, Happy New Year! Hope you had a great 2013. I know how awesome it was to be a Whovian last year and I am pretty certain it will be great again this year (Even if we don’t have all the Who-Ha – see what I did there?)

It’s going to be a long arduous wait until we see Capaldi frolic around that beautiful TARDIS console, so I thought I’d try and help the Whovian community out by letting you know what you can do to keep yourself occupied until then!


war-games-dvdIf you’re like me, you have a pretty extensive back catalogue of Doctor Who DVD’s and Blu-Rays knocking around, now is the time to watch them! And not just the episodes. If you’ve got classic DVD’s, the documentaries are amazing, adding another dimension to some great stories. You get to know what some of the actors are like off camera and you can fall in love with their out of character selves. I frequently watch just the documentaries on the DVD’s and love the ones that span over a few different stories (Girls! Girls! Girls! being one of my personal favourites) I also love the classics as the stories lasts longer, meaning it could take you two or three days to get through one story. Yes, I’m looking at you ‘The War Games’.

If you don’t have any classic DVD’s or you prefer the more modern stuff, and if you have the series box-sets, there are some great gems within them too! David’s Video Diaries in the Series 4 box set are a treat as it’s great to see the cast and crew having such a good time making the episodes! Of course, if you really wanted, you could just watch the episodes too, as the vast majority are well worth revisiting (apart from some Series 2 episodes)


dead-air-audioSo we all have our favourite Doctor – and if you say you don’t, you’re probably lying – but there’s most likely some adventures with your favourite incarnation of the Time Lord that you’ve not been part of before. What’s that? You have seen every Tenth Doctor story stereotypical fangirl? Well, let me tell you a little secret, all the Doctors have had more than just televisual adventures. Whether it be the brilliant Big Finish audios with the classic Doctors (Which recently seem to be getting a lot of love here on Doctor Who TV) or the AudioGo releases of the modern Doctors.

One of my all time favourite Tenth Doctor stories is Dead Air and I recommend you find it and download right away. 
 If you’re wanting to get into the Big Finish world of Doctor Who (Which Moffat made canon in The Night of the Doctor) I would recommend you either listen to Dark Eyes, which was my first Big Finish story, or The Light At The End, which was a brilliant way for BF to celebrate the 50th anniversary last year.

Alternatively you could dive into some of the brilliant Doctor Who books, official or not, as they can help pass the hours until we get some new on-screen goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed all the BBC Books of late and I found the 50th anniversary collection of classic stories to be a treat, so when they announced they were doing the same this year with a Monster Collection, I was overjoyed.


smith-fanficYou’ve got a favourite Doctor/Monster combo and you just wish that they could get back to battling each other once again, but your Doctor has regenerated and the idea you have in your head would over blow the budget tenfold. Unless you’re a whizz with a computer you have no chance of digitally remastering it, so what can you do? I hate to use the term ‘fan fiction’ due to the connotations of it (mainly being too adult for even Torchwood) but you could create your own fan fiction! You don’t have to share it either, it could be your guilty pleasure, especially if you don’t want people knowing you want all thirteen Doctors to be outwitted by a Slitheen and an Abzorbaloff named Cletus. Fan fiction isn’t just good to pass the time, but letting your creativity flow is a great way to get away from all the pressures of life.

If writing fiction isn’t your thing, you could always write informative yet humorous articles for your favourite site, telling hundreds if not thousands of people what to do in their spare time! It’s a great way to get that sense of achievement we all crave, knowing people are spending time reading your words.

Darn it, I’ve just told you my secret! 
Happy waiting guys!