How could a New Doctor Who Movie Work?

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Guest contributor Brayde Wikaira explores some ideas.

Throughout the modern era of Doctor Who, fans all around the world received some movie attention on their favorite show. From the screenings of past adventures to the fun little trailers you watch before the main event, i.e. Series 5 trailer. And now after the cinematic success of The Day of the Doctor, things are open to get even more theatrical. This article discusses 5 ideas on a new Doctor Who movie and how it might work.

“Remember, popcorn can feel pain”
-Pre-Cinema Scene for 50th Anniversary: Strax

A Reboot

dr-who-and-the-daleks-posterFrom time to time we hear reports of Hollywood mulling the possibility a Doctor Who movie. Harry Potter Director David Yates made headlines a couple of years back when he announced he wanted to reboot the franchise and turn it into his own imaginative world. How might this proposed reboot have worked? I can see a world of mystery, of disbelief, of space nature. Something perhaps darker than Doctor Who (though Series 8 may rectify this) that delivers as a new and exciting adventure to embark on. I see some visuals like those used in Hugo. A reboot could call-back to the original outline, an alien Time Lord that travels through time and space. Though I can sense that Mr Yates might regenerate that synopsis into something scarier and straightforward. Something along the lines of Dr. Who and the Daleks.

A Re-imagining

doctor-who-movie-postersMaybe not a reboot, but a re-imagining of the story that set Doctor Who in its place. Perhaps an alternative route to what we are currently on. With a change of storylines and a change of mood. Maybe something bright and lighter that can leave a stirring effect on our movie-going experience. Maybe a more heartfelt emotional rollercoaster, that takes us on a journey through time and space. Something inspirational. Think of current latest flick, Saving Mr Banks. A story of the story. Answers to why the Doctor loves the human race and their funny looking planet Earth (I did not mean that seriously.) A story set within a story. A movie that looks at our favorite Time Lord in a whole new way.

A Continuation

50th-day-of-the-doctor-cinema-poster-sustralia-nzPerhaps we can do with another TV tie-in movie like with The Day of The Doctor. A episode that also translates on to the big screen. Day often featured big climatic Hollywood-style scenes British style. With the infusion of Hollywood and United Kingdom, Doctor Who can have a international phenomenal on their hands. Not that I’m dissing the 50th anniversary special (which may I say, was an absolute treat) but the encouragement to have more movie-styled episodes go out on cinemas. 3D is a treat, when used in the right hands, cough *Dimensions in Time* cough. Picture a 100th anniversary special in 12D. Yes I am quoting Matt, that easily-confused Doctor. Oh boy. Apparently we’re going to see 57 Doctors. If this is the case, I wouldn’t mind seeing a 70th anniversary special with the 3 latest Doctors, and Matt and David in for a cameo. What might this film look like? It’s easy, just like the television show, it’s a direct shot.

A Re-Visitation

an-adventure-in-space-and-time-batch-bradley-hartnellOne idea I made myself, is the sight of seeing a movie-length adventure with one already established Doctor. An actor to portray, say, William Hartnell, can have a breath-taking effect on all those who watch. Perhaps the sequels will see the next incarnations take on the role. Having a legendary actor play a legendary Doctor might reduce some of our fanbase to tears. Though such a project will have to be well thought-out and planned, in triplicate. With lots of graphs. And diagrams. And complicated sums. On the directors desk. If he has a desk. The mood of the show can be epic, as that would be the main purpose for the movie: To endeavour to produce a movie production that explains its presence by big explodie wodie wibbly wobbly explosions that go boom! We’ve now reached a point in this discussion where I seem to be losing my sanity, in the name of peace and sanity. (One Hour Later) I can see that this movie will have this overarching theme that might correspond with the current theme of that era. For example, Patrick Troughton’s base-under-siege theme mixed with an epic Cybermen showdown. The stakes will definitely have to be high. Oh how this would be great fanservice!

A Time War Epic

day-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-(3)-gallifreyDon’t get all fed up. I’ve saved the best for last! As we all know, the Last Great Time War is perhaps one of the, if not, the BEST, Doctor Who ideas since 1963. The 2005 show had a new premise: the Doctor, last of the Time Lords, goes travelling through time and space with his trustworthy companions. Maybe not the official synopsis, but a good enough plot to bring back Doctor Who, without all the baggage. Russell T Davies managed to totally refresh the show for its modern audience. We all know that the Time War has the Daleks come up against the Time Lords. We know that both races died, well, the Daleks did, but they survived, but then, wow, hard to explain. It’s a glorious moment for the fans of Doctor Who, and with Paul McGann and John Hurt at the wheel, we’ll be all right. The Night of the Doctor gave us hope that this may happen, as we see a smashing Doctor bounce around as if 1996 was yesterday. Maybe not John Hurt, but I’d love to see him back. With old companions returning, and new revelations made, this is maybe the best idea for Doctor Who. The Time War is such a grand endeavouring idea, that it just spells Hollywood all over! I’m sensing a Man of Steel presence, something big, something epic, something that has action all over. The film could play out with time and space, as we might see some ingenious ideas on how they can fight. Imagine time shifts that incinerate parts of space. Best of all- in IMAX 3D! Not only can it play out physically, but also emotionally, and since the Daleks are back, mentally. This could be a blockbuster hit!

Concluding Thoughts

Now we have some fans out there that just love the show the way it is, and rightfully so. But movie screenings capture new minds, capture new people, and cultivate new fans. The Day of the Doctor was seen by whole new audiences. Doctor Who is still the fans to keep and preserve, so a movie must be done with care, but what do you think? Do you want to see a new Doctor Who movie? Do any of these ideas appeal? State in the comments.