It’s Cyber-Matt

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We have some exciting Series 6 filming news and pics from last night’s shoot of Doctor Who.

Both Matt Smith (sporting a new jacket) and James Corden were on set for scenes from episode 12. A set spy confirmed that the Doctor is working in a shop, and even has his own name badge.

And Craig has brought along a new friend for this adventure -- a baby. His? We’re not sure at the moment.

Now, here comes the really interesting bit. The Doctor ends up bumping into an old foe in the store…

…a Cybermat!

See a short video of the scene below:

If you are wondering what a Cybermat is exactly, they appeared several times in classic-era Who and were first seen in Tomb of the Cybermen. They were used by the Cybermen with varying purposes in stories, but mainly as weapons. They also turned up in last year’s Adventure Game, Blood of the Cybermen, where they turned people into Cyberslaves.

So if all the other rumours so far are true, the Cybermen will appear in at least 3 episodes of Series 6 and maybe more!

Huge thanks to Ryan Farrell aka Timeboy for the pics and footage.