Happy New Year!

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Or should that be Happy Who Year! We are now in the space year 2011 (well, those of us in the UK anyway!)

2010 was another huge year for Doctor Who. This time last year we were all getting ready to say goodbye to Tenth Doctor. Many of us wondered how the largely unknown Matt Smith could possibly replace David Tennant. Now after 14 TV adventures, we think Smith has proven himself a more than worthy successor. Judging by comments here over the last year, the large majority of you agree.

Of course, this is just the beginning of Smith’s tenure, as we have another 14 brand new episodes of Doctor Who to come in 2011. But this year marks a big departure to the usual show format, as Spring will see the show return for just seven episodes, rather than the usual 13. Then, after a short summer hiatus, Doctor Who will return in the Autumn.

Luckily the wait won’t be quite so painful, as both spin-off shows are also returning with a brand new series. The summer break will see Captain Jack back in Torchwood: The New World and The Sarah Jane Adventures will be on our screens not long after after that.

So there’s lots to look forward to for Whovians. And speaking of Whovians, we’d just like to thank all our readers for helping make 2010 such a big year for this site. It’s been great to see the community grow so much and we look forward to seeing it continue in 2011.