Guess Gaiman’s Series 7 Episode Title

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Neil Gaiman’s eagerly anticipated episode for Series 7 Part 2 is being filmed soon, with the readthrough next week.

Speaking on his blog, The Doctor’s Wife writer said: “In case you are wondering: I’m really a bit nervous: the table read of my episode of Doctor Who is next week. Think good thoughts at us. I’ll try and post some photographs afterwards.”

He also teased the title for his new story, the penultimate episode of Series 7: “Oh, and for the curious, the episode will be called █ █  . Only with letters instead of Ascii Blocks. Unless we change the title again before it’s broadcast. Which might well happen, actually. I mean, it was originally called █ █ █ .”

So for the current title we’ve got _ _ _ (3 letters )  _ _ _ _ (4 letters)  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8 letters).

We can probably safely assume it starts with “The.” At the London Comic Con Q&A it was confirmed that some “old classics” will appear and there are rumours of the Cybermen, so could it be “The  _ _ _ _ Cybermen”?

Guesses in the comments…