Graves Reveals Doctor Who Role

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Series 7 guest star Rupert Graves, better known as Inspector Lestrade in Sherlock, has revealed a few details on his upcoming role in Doctor Who.

Graves will appear as a character called Riddell in the second episode of Series 7.

Graves said: “He’s a big game hunter … he’s in Africa, and there’s umm, some kind of history behind him and the Doctor, although it’s never fully explained what … he’s there to help the Doctor.”

Could the Doctor pick Riddell up in Africa to help him with a little dinosaur problem, perhaps?

Graves was also asked about the possibility of the character returning: “I’ve no idea, no I don’t think there is actually.”

Although he didn’t it rule out coming back if asked: “Umm, I dunno … I’d have to see what they would be thinking of doing with the character.”

As for the almost obligatory question about taking on the role of the Doctor himself: “No, I wouldn’t like to be Doctor Who… No, I really wouldn’t like to be in that kind of character at all…Once you get attached to one character in such a way, you never get any bloody peace then.”

[Thanks to Ruther]