Gold Back with New Theme

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Composer Murray Gold has confirmed he will be returning to score the music to the fifth series of Doctor Who.

“I have started writing some themes and it all looks good; I really wanted to work with Steven [Moffat],” Gold said in an interview with Music from the Movies.

He continued, “Writing music for Doctor Who, there are no limitations on it; it’s not like other jobs which immediately create a ceiling to your ambitions, you know you have to work within these kind of confinements. There aren’t any confinements on Doctor Who and if there are in one episode, they’re pretty soon gotten rid of in another episode. I love Steven Moffat’s stuff…”

Gold added he is working on a new version of the theme presumably to go with the new intro sequence. He also mentioned that writers Mark Gatiss (The Unquiet Dead, The Idiot’s Lantern) and Gareth Roberts (The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and The Wasp) will be returning to write episodes for the new series.