Gillan on Christmas Special & future

Karen Gillan has confirmed what has been clear for a while now – Amy and Rory are only turning up for a cameo in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.

“Amy is in the Christmas special, with her husband Rory. It’s a cameo appearance but we’re in there, ” she told the Press Association. “It was really fun, I think we were only down for one evening, just came on set and ran around on set like we always do, it was like we never left. It was great fun.”

At the Q&A earlier in the week, Karen said: “[The special is] very much the Doctor’s story. Arthur and I make an appearance. It’s brief, but really fun.”

You can see some filming pics of their scene here.

Gillan also spoke about her future and how she will feel when she does leave: “I will miss it, it’s like no other job. It’s too much fun and I’m sure that I will never do a job like it. So I’m just really savouring it and the time will come when Amy has to go, I don’t know when that is yet though.”