Gatiss on Series 8, Showrunning

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Pic by: Samy Kacimi

Surprising no one, it’s looks as though we can expect another episode from Mark Gatiss in Series 8 next year.

Speaking to Tardib about being kept on as a recurring writer each year, he touched briefly on the challenge of writing for a new Doctor:

“It is lovely to write for the series when you have never done it before, but to continue to do so and to make new things for a new Doctor, it is a kind of different challenge.”

He was also asked about whether he would be interested in taking over as head writer when Steven Moffat eventually departs the show.

He said: “Steven will never leave. I hope that he will never leave! I can’t say much about it, life is too complicated and strange to know when this sort of thing will happen.”

So, not a ‘no’ then.