Gaiman would “Love to do more Doctor Who”

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neil-gaiman-jenna-louise-colemanWriter Neil Gaiman has revealed that he would love to pen another story of Doctor Who following Nightmare in Silver.

However, he told SFX that although he has more ideas, having enough time is his biggest problem: “I don’t have much time – I’m in this weird position right now where I love Doctor Who, really, really love Doctor Who.

“The biggest problem that I have with Doctor Who is that it genuinely takes time to do, and you wind up doing lots of drafts. This one was probably essentially three major drafts, as opposed to the eleven that “The Doctor’s Wife” went through, because that went through a whole bunch including “Oh, good, now we’ve got Rory…” At least three, maybe four, probably five, including some minor roll-outs, but there was a lot of last year that was given to writing this, and it’s time that doesn’t go to anything else. I’m happy enough to say that I’m rich enough from book income and everything else that I can quite happily give 4 months or 6 months of my life to writing an episode of Doctor Who, just because it makes me happy.

“I would love to do more Doctor Who. There’s so much stuff I’d love to do. Right now, it’s impossible. Right now I’m looking at it with that kind of horrible feeling that you genuinely can’t stop and raid the sweet shop. You’re on the bus and you’re going past and you’re going to be late for school if you go… so I tend to laugh when people say “Would you like to be the next showrunner after Moffat?” I don’t even have time to write an episode! You want me to be showrunner? Nothing else will happen in my entire life!”