Friends Reunited

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Doctor Who filming continues on episode 12 of Series 6. Scenes shooting last night appeared to be from early on in the story and featured the Doctor and Craig’s (James Corden) reunion.

The TARDIS lands on a street at night. The Doctor emerges, he’s alone…

But he has his fancy new coat.

The Doctor knocks on Craig’s door and he is shocked to see the Timelord again.

Listen to audio of their chat in the video below.

And a transcript:

Craig: I’m coping on my own!

The Doctor: Hello Craig, I’m back!

Craig: She didn’t!? How could she phone you!?

The Doctor: How could who phone me? Nobody phoned me, I’m just here. Oh, you’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.

Craig: It’s a different house, we moved!… Doctor, what are you doing here?

The Doctor: Social call! How are you?

Craig: I’m fine

The Doctor: I’m fine too, love to Sophie, bye!

So Craig has moved house and he seems to have had a bust-up with Sophie (Daisy Haggard), who we guess won’t be appearing in this story now.

Another scene was caught on video and in it the Doctor is “walking down the street mumbling to himself that he needs to stop noticing unimportant things. Then realises they may not be so unimportant. He sonics the air and detects some sort of teleportation beam has been in operation.” That’ll be the Cybermen then!

Huge thanks again to Timeboy and TimeToKill for the pics, vids and audio!