Five Expectations for Series 8

Guest contributor Toby Hankin goes through five fan expectations for the upcoming run.

With Series 8 drawing closer and closer by the day, I thought it would be good to go through five expectations that we Whovians have for the upcoming run. So without further ado…

A Darker Doctor


Ever since Peter Capaldi was cast in the lead role, fans have been speculating on what sort of Doctor he will be. We know that Capaldi usually takes on darker roles. Look at the Cardinal in The Musketeers and the foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It. Both of those characters have very dark qualities. But our question is: Will 12 follow suit? Well, having seen the new trailer, us Whovians can assume Doctor Who will indeed be heading more “Into Darkness” during Capaldi’s reign.

“Classic Era” type series

pertwee-capaldi-costumeIt’s almost inevitable that this series will be much more like the “Classic Era”, seeing as Capaldi was the same age as Hartnell when he was cast as the Doctor some 50 years ago. He has the looks, the greying hair, a couple of lines here and there. He has the personality, this Doctor can roar! He has the companions: two school teachers in one TARDIS, both from Coal Hill. Not to mention rumours of a younger companion later on. Also, it seems clear that Capaldi will channel a bit of Pertwee. The costumes are very similar and they are both sciencey-wiencey. 12 is practically a mix between 1 and 3 in the making!

Main focus on plot, not companion

Series-8-TV-launch-trailer-(28)First let’s just say: Who doesn’t like Clara? Well, a fair few of you. But those who do like her (me for instance) obviously adored Series 7. Not only was Clara involved in the plot, she was the plotthe Impossible Girl. Yes, this was a superb idea from the mad mind of Steven Moffat. But, some fans just got sick of the whole story arc by The Name of the Doctor. I think in Series 8 the plot will develop around the episode rather than the companion. But in defence for the Impossible Girl arc, I thought it was gripping and made you anticipate each episode just hoping you would find out who Clara was. Well, it certainly gripped me!

Serious monsters

Series-8-TV-launch-trailer-(13)I think you know what I mean by “Serious Monsters”. But if not, I mean no Abzorbaloffs, or the cheesy Crooked Man from Hide. Not to mention those robots from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Having seen the latest Series 8 trailer, I think it’s safe to say that there is baggage that comes with a serious Doctor: more serious monsters. Come on! Look at them: the Half-Faced villain from Deep Breath, Daleks that actually look like they’ll exterminate you, the Robot Knights, the creepy Minotaur-looking creature and finally the Owl-like robot.

A less clingy companion

Series-8-TV-launch-trailer-(33)Of course, in Series 8 we still have the same companion: Clara Oswald. As we all know, from The Day of the Doctor onwards, Clara is a lot less clingy to the Doctor than in (let’s say) The Rings of Akhaten. Fair enough, it was her first proper outing to an alien planet, I think I’d be clingy. But now that Clara has been tied down with responsibilities like teaching at Coal Hill and living her own life, I think she will not rely on the Doctor as much and sort of be her own person. Also, “her Doctor” has now gone and has been replaced. I think clinging onto Capaldi’s Doctor would be like hanging off some thorns.

So, there are the top five expectations for Series 8. Feel free to comment your thoughts below!