First look: River Song in Series 6

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Hello sweetie! Here’s an early look at River Song (Alex Kingston) back in action in Series 6 of Doctor Who.

On Monday, the production team were shooting scenes for the opening two-parter. Alex Kingston and the recently announced guest star Mark Sheppard filmed a scene together.

The scene they shot sounds eerily similar to the opening of The Time of Angels. In it, a gang of suited men, led by Canton Everett Delaware III (Mark Sheppard), corner River. A dialogue exchange occurs and then River falls backwards off the edge of the platform. Interestingly, River also appears to have tally marks on her arms.

Thanks to Timeboyy, we have some footage of the scene…

According to the same source, this is a dialogue before River jumps:

Canton: “Stop! Don’t move!”
River: “There are loads of them, They’re everywhere”
Canton: “America is being invaded!”
Canton: “America was invaded a long time ago, America is occupied”
[River moves back a little more]
Canton: “Don’t move! There’s no way out!”
River: [something that sounded like] “Oh really?”

Pictures by alun_vega.