Final Doctor Who Confidential Tonight

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You will no doubt have seen the news that Doctor Who Confidential was axed by the BBC earlier in the week, so tonight’s installment, When Time Froze, sadly, marks the last ever one. More details and clips follow.


Confidential takes a front pew at the wedding of the year. Alex Kingston talks about the big day and there’s the lowdown from Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Alex Kingston also provides an explanation of River Song’s complex timeline with the Doctor.

The special competition winning mini-episode of Doctor Who entitled Death Is The Only Answer will also air during the installment:

As the series finale comes to its dramatic conclusion over on BBC One, Doctor Who Confidential comforts fans with an extra helping of the Time Lord’s adventures in a special, one-off mini episode.

In Death Is The Only Answer, the Doctor meets both friend and foe. After managing to distract his enemy with a little-known, age-old, Time Lord weapon – a yo-yo – the Doctor has to help a fellow time-travelling friend get home. But who is he, how did he get in the TARDIS and what’s going on with his hair?

The three-minute episode was specially written by children from a school in Basingstoke after they entered a BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential competition. Doctor Who Confidential shows how Oakley Junior School’s script was developed from page to screen, culminating in their own very special encounter with the Doctor himself…

A couple of clips that remind us why we will miss it:

Clip 1 -- Introducing the Pond Family:

Clip 2 -- Karen Gillan on a trampoline, just because.

It airs at 8.35pm on BBC3.

You can help to try and save Doctor Who Confidential by following the steps in this post.