Fezzes are cool!

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Last week, we asked you if the fez should become a permanent part of the Doctor’s costume. The poll is now closed and the results are in.

Topping the poll, 59% of you agreed with the Doctor that yes, fezzes are cool! 27% never wanted to see it again and the remaining 14% preferred to sit on the fence. So that’s the end of that!

[poll id=”22″]

It’s also now time to close The Big Bang poll from a few weeks back. We wanted to give overseas viewers a chance to catch-up and vote, so this poll was kept open longer than usual. 70% thought that the episode was worthy of full marks, which made it fourth highest rated of the series. The Pandorica Opens was the single highest rated episode of the series with 85% of the vote. The full results are below.

[poll id=”18″]