Ferdinando on the Possible Return of Half-Face

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half-face-deep-breath-Ferdinando-heavenGiven that we’ve already seen Deep Breath’s villainous Half-Face Man after his apparent demise, a return for the character doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. Even if he doesn’t in Series 8 Peter Ferdinando would be happy to reprise the role.

The man behind the machine told the Independent: “It’s fun, it’s a scary, juicy role to play because it’s totally different to what I’ve ever done. There was talk about bringing him back but I don’t know whether that will happen or not. If it does, yeah, I’ll do it.”

Speaking about how he prepared for the role: “I didn’t want to look like I was in the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks, so I tried to make it robotic with a human soul, trying to manifest the self, so to speak.

He added: “I’ve never played a half man half robot before, so it was very exciting and a challenge – dare I say that word – to play something that’s not really real. But he’s trying to turn into a human being, so there was a fine line of trying to find some human qualities in there and the same time he is a robot, so it’s very technical.”