Fan-fiction & Fan Projects Discussion

Welcome to the fan-fiction and fan projects discussion page. Please use the comment section below and express your feelings and talents expressing your work and discussing it.

This page has been specially made due to the increased interest in creating one’s own version of their favourite show, i.e. Doctor Who. It is a dream many have on this site have and this page allows any Whovian who wishes to write or join in on Doctor Who Fan-Fiction to do so freely and without hassle. There are already quite a few different fan-fiction series going on at the moment, some of them created and run by members of this site, so this page will allow you to get in contact with them and perhaps arrange to work with them. Also it allows for the show-runners of those existing series’ to speak freely with their own writers in order to discuss details on their stories and progress etc.

Also we hope that by visiting this page it actually encourages you to write about Doctor Who and perhaps start your own fan-fiction. This site is here to help create discussions about the upcoming news about the wonderful world of Doctor Who, while this special page allows you to take charge of your favourite character and help make you create a God Complex for the Doctor Who universe. It’s dead easy to do. Simply write a story. That’s all fan-Fiction is. Writing an online book, only it allows the fan of a particular show to write what they want. Perhaps a scenario or story that they’ve wished to see within the show, but it hasn’t happened. Fan-Fiction allows this to happen. It’s your design, your story and your world. Do with it what you wish and express your imagination.

Please use this page to discuss and exchange ideas freely. That is what it is there for.

Please respect our rules for this section:

  • This is for discussion and sharing of fan-fiction only. This is not a cue to go off-topic talk about whatever you want, and any such comments will be deleted
  • Be sensible. The same rules apply here as with the rest of Doctor Who TV. Be civil towards each other and don’t write anything stupid or liable to offend
  • Keep the fan-fiction relevant to the site, i.e. keep it within the boundaries of Doctor Who and its spin-offs
  • Please don’t post anything to do with fan-fiction on news articles. That is the whole purpose for the creation of this page. Keep anything fan-fiction related here
  • Don’t excessively advertise or spam the site
  • Keep stories and comments friendly and simply enjoy the privileges placed before you. Don’t abuse those privileges or your account could be suspended