301. Smith and Jones

Smith & Jones



For Martha Jones, a medical student in Central London, an ordinary day turns into a nightmare when her entire hospital is transported to the Moon. There, she has to battle the Judoon and outwit a blood-sucking Plasmavore – but can she trust a mysterious stranger called the Doctor?


Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Charles Palmer

The Doctor – David Tennant
Martha Jones – Freema Agyeman
Florence Finnegan – Anne Reid
Mr Stoker – Roy Marsden
Francine Jones – Adjoa Andoh
Tish Jones – Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Leo Jones – Reggie Yates
Clive Jones – Trevor Laird
Annalise – Kimmi Richards
Morgenstern – Ben Righton
Julia Swales – Vineeta Rishi
Judoon Captain – Paul Kasey
Judoon Voices – Nicholas Briggs


Martha: "We’re on the bloody moon!"

Martha: ‘Do you have a laser spanner?”
Doctor: ”I used to, it was stolen by Emmeline Pankhurst, she was a cheeky woman"

Martha: "Where is he from? The planet Zovirax?"

Doctor: "Solid leather all the way through… Someone has got one hell of a fetish"

Martha: "You’re totally mad!"
Doctor: "You’re right. I’d look weird with just one shoe."


Although not stated, events of the episode would likely take place in 2008.

Freema Agyeman’s first appearance as Martha Jones.

Agyeman appeared in Army of Ghosts as the shortlived character Adeola. Martha reveals to the Doctor that it was her cousin.

Agyeman was originally told she was auditioning for a role in Torchwood.

Adjoa Andoh who plays Francine Jones previously appeared as Sister Jatt in New Earth.

Martha references the events of Aliens of London, The Christmas Invasion and Army of Ghosts.

The Doctor reveals he once had a brother.

The music at the start of the episode is "Sunshine" by Arrested Development.

Like Rose, this episode has no pre-credit sequence.