2x. The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride



Bride-to-be Donna mysteriously vanishes as she prepares to marry her boyfriend Lance in a glittering ceremony on Christmas Eve. She suddenly appears, to her complete astonishment, in the Tardis with the Doctor.

As the Tardis races to get to the church on time, the Doctor and Donna are closely watched by the sinister figure of The Empress of Racnoss from her throne in her spaceship. It soon becomes clear that Donna is the key to an ancient alien plan to destroy the Earth.


Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor – David Tennant
Donna Noble – Catherine Tate
The Empress – Sarah Parish
Lance Bennett – Don Gilet
Geoff Noble – Howard Attfield
Sylvia Noble – Jaqueline King
Vicar – Trevor Georges
Rhodri – Rhodri Meiler
Nerys – Krystal Archer
Taxi driver – Glen Wilson
Little girl – Zafirah Boateng
Robot Santas – Paul Kasey, George Cottle


Doctor: "You’ve got to jump!"
Donna: "I’m in my wedding dress!"
Doctor: "Yes! You look lovely!"

Donna: "Santa’s a robot?!"

Doctor: "Streets filled with Cybermen?…Skies over London thick with Daleks?
Donna:" I was in Spain"
Doctor: "They had Cybermen in Spain"
Donna: "I was scuba diving"

Donna: "I’m a Pencil inside a mug?"
Doctor: "Yes, you are. 4B – sums you up."

Lance: "Then I was stuck with a woman for who the height of excitement is a new flavour Pringle."

Doctor: "My home planet is gone too…but it’s name lives on…Gallifrey."


This episode takes place Christmas 2007.

The pre-credit title scene from the end of Doomsday was re-filmed for the episode.

The ‘Earth zoom’ sequence at the start of the episode has been used in Rose, The Christmas Invasion and Army of Ghosts.

The robot Santas from The Christmas Invasion make their second appearance.

Several of the BBC’s tie in websites can be seen on the mobile phone.

Rose (Billie Piper) appears in flashback in scenes from New Earth.

Fake banknotes were created for the cash point scene. The notes featured the heads of David Tennant and producer Phil Collinson.

Series composer Murray Gold wrote the song "Love Don’t Roam" for this episode, which is played during the scene
in the reception.

The first time the Doctors home planet, Gallifrey, is mentioned in the new series.

Catherine Tate would reprise the role of Donna Nobile as the full time companion in Series 4.

Download a commentary for this episode featuring Julie Gardner (executive producer) and David Tennant.