Eleven on a return trip to Trenzalore

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the name of the doctor promo batch b (6)As many have speculated, it looks as though the Eleventh Doctor will be heading back to Trenzalore for his final story (or at least in part).

Matt Smith dropped the potential clue in an recent interview when he was asked about whether he has ever been confused by any of the stories or time lines.

He replied: “No, because it’s my job to make sense of it and to make sense of it for you. Hey, look, I guess some people find the writing and the storytelling complicated sometimes, but I say to that, “Isn’t that better than it being really easy?” Isn’t it better if you’re like, “Okay, I just saw that — what did I just see?”

And the key bit: “Eventually Steve [Moffat] peppers it back — you think now we’re going toward the Doctor’s final hour, which is toward Trenzalore. Steven mentioned that in season five. Season five! The Silence was mentioned! He peppers this brilliant storytelling all the way through, and for my money that’s a much more interesting way to write. Aren’t all the layers what we fans of sci-fi want? I’m like, Cool, throw it at me. Is it complicated? Yes. Are we going back in time? Yes. Are we going forward in time? Yes. Are we meeting a character we’ve met in the future? Yes. Is she my wife? Yes.”