Early Series 7 Exit for the Ponds?

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Karen Gillan has said she will only appear in a few episodes of Doctor Who’s seventh series.

Speaking at an American press event over the weekend, she was asked about how many episodes of the next series Amy will be in and her response: “There’s going to be a few episodes. A few really good episodes.”

While we’re still no closer to an exact number, it seems the Ponds could be leaving sooner rather than later during Series 7.

This does go against what Steven Moffat said when the news of the Ponds’ departure was announced, but we all know he tells white lies to keep plot secrets.

Gillan also gave her feelings on leaving the role: “I feel sad because I am gonna leave, but with any story, it has to come to an end. It was a mutual decision with me and Steven Moffat. We had this lovely dinner and decided when the best time for me to go was, and it’s been decided. So I’m excited and slightly scared.”