DWM #466 Celebrates Return of Troughton Episodes

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To celebrate the return of the lost Patrick Troughton episodes there are two covers for of Doctor Who Magazine (#466) this month, one dedicated to each story.


Doctor Who Magazine has also launched a website that features an interview with the man responsible for the discovery, Philip Morris.

“These films were discovered in Nigeria,” Philip exclusively tells DWM. “They weren’t actually at the station they were sold to, they were at a relay station. In Nigeria they have an internal bicycling system. We had the privilege of working with the Nigerian Television Authority, who have been a great help to us in determining what they had of their own recordings and overseas recordings. Fortunately for us, I was at a station, and I saw a piece of masking tape on a shelf. I looked up and it said ‘Doctor Who’. And I thought, ‘That looks interesting!’

I pulled a film can down and I saw the story code: ‘Doctor Who. PP’. I thought, PP, let me have a check. I checked on my list and realised this was an episode of The Enemy of the World. So I pulled that can down, I saw there were six cans, and I thought, okay, there are six cans, so it’s possibly complete – but we’ll have to check that the contents match the cans, as cans get reused, or people put things in the wrong place. Then I counted another set of cans, which was Episodes 1 to 6 of The Web of Fear, except Episode 3. Episode 3 was not amongst them. So I checked those, they were complete, and I thought ‘Well, that’s not too bad!’”

DWM #466 is on sale Thursday 17 October 2013, priced £4.75.