Dorium Details

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Cultbox has an interview with actor Simon Fisher-Becker and he reveals more info on Dorium’s return in A Good Man Goes to War and episode 13.


Can you tell us a bit about your role in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’?

“It’s a major part in the storyline, Dorium becomes a bit of a hero!”

Do you see him as a good guy or a bad guy?

“Dorium is at heart a good guy, but he lives in the murky depths. Think of him as Arthur Daley. Oh, you’re probably too young to remember Arthur Daley! He works in the murky world of black marketing, so that’s why River Song went to him to get the vortex manipulator [in ‘The Pandorica Opens’].”

Do you have quite a substantial part in Episode 13 too?

“Yes, it’s already been filmed. It’s the last episode of the series and, what I will tell you, is that in Episode 7 Dorium is a hero and in Episode 13 he’s more of a tormenting mentor. Again, lots of answers – everything will be answered in Episode 13, but then something else will be asked, so you’ve got the cliffhanger to the new series.”

Did you get to perform any stunts?

“No, being a roly-poly – because I’m a big chap – I think they were very wise in not encouraging me to do anything too exciting. There is a surprise and I can tell you, because it is out in the domain, when you see Episode 7 just remember that I do come back in Episode 13.”

Becker also let slip that Mark Gatiss will guest star in episode 13.

What’s your favourite memory from filming your three episodes of Doctor Who so far?

“There’s so many! I think, because I do follow Doctor Who, the fact that I actually got to be on the set of the TARDIS…”

Was that in character?

“Oh yes, in character, I did feel like a 12 year old! Also, the actual idea of being part of the Doctor Who family and being asked back, not once but twice. The camaraderie of the team was lovely, the script read-through around the table, getting into the frock! The other thing was getting to meet lots of other actors: Neve McIntosh was lovely to work with… Mark Gatiss…”

Amazing, is he in Episode 7 or Episode 13?

“That’s Episode 13.”

Whether he will he be playing Lazarus again is anyone guess at the moment. As the episode appears to take place in some bizarre alternate timeline, it’s certainly possible.