Doctor’s Secret “Will make viewers’ jaws drop”

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matt-smith-series-7-shhDoctor Who’s Producer Marcus Wilson isn’t only making a huge deal out of the Clara mystery, he has also promised that fans will never guess the Doctor’s greatest secret.

He says in TV & Satellite Week: ‘It will make viewers’ jaws drop. You thought you knew everything about the Doctor? Well, you never saw this coming.”

So does that rule out it simply being his name, which is the mystery many are speculating to be revealed?

Some other intriguing details from Wilson:

  • The Rings of Akhaten – features an “alien cast of thousands; more than you’ve ever seen on screen before, aliens of every stripe, size and colour.”
  • Cold War – The Ice Warriors have been given a scarier reboot. The set “was based on references to Russian submarines and a retired sub that Steven and I visited in New York.”
  • Hide has an alien that will “live in your nightmares. We spent a lot of time in the edit going, “‘Can we show that much? I’m not sure…’ It was freaky to be stood next to it on set. [Neil Cross] has created a real nightmare fantasy there.”
  •  Journey to the Centre of the Tardis: Fans finally get to see the library and the swimming pool!
  • The Last Cyberman: “We wanted to make the Cybermen a bit quieter and faster. They’ve always had a body horror. Neil Gaiman, finds a great new way to take that idea on. We also see inside one of them, in quite an explosive way.”
  • The 50th anniversary: “Steven has written a script that would make James Cameron weep. It’s a story that sprawls through space and time. It will be a huge epic.’