Doctor Who’s Biggest Loose End Is…

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Last week we asked you which of Doctor Who’s many loose ends you wanted answers to the most in the second half of Series 6. We had thousands of votes and now we have the results.

1. The Doctor’s Death

Unsurprisingly, with 40% of the overall vote, the death of the Doctor in The Impossible Astronaut came out on top. Who killed the Doctor and why? Why does the Doctor willingly sacrifice himself? And just how is it all going to be resolved? Steven Moffat has a lot of work to do to give us a satisfying conclusion.

2. The TARDIS explosion

In second place, with 20% of the vote, it’s the mystery behind the TARDIS explosion in The Pandorica Opens from back in Series 5. Were the Silence actually responsible? If so, how did they do it and why? Hopefully we won’t be waiting much longer for this to be answered!

3. The Astronaut / The little girl

Third, with 15% of the vote is the Astronaut / the little girl. We still need clarity here about the girls identity. Is she Melody all along, like suggested? How does the girl escape the suit? What about the regeneration at the end of Day of the Moon? And who is in the astronaut suit when the Doctor is killed?

4. The Silence

The Silence were slightly ahead of River Song with 10% of the vote. We know they are present at the Doctor’s death, but what part do they play in the grand scheme of things? Are the Silence in league with Kovarian? And why do they want “Silence to Fall”?

5. River Song / Melody

10% voted for River. According to Steven Moffat, we still know nothing about her. What exactly is her relationship with the Doctor? Is she the Doctor’s wife? Whose side is she on?

6. Madame Kovarian

4% voted for Kovarian. What are her real motivations for using Melody as a weapon against the Doctor? And is she connected to the Silence? Why does she wear an eye patch?

7. Other

The remaining 1% voted “other”. Many voting here were interested in learning why Rory keeps dying.