Doctor Who: Weird and Wonderful

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Weird and Wonderful is our look at some of the other Doctor Who bits and bobs around the web that caught our attention over the last week or so. This week: The Secret Time Lords in Awesome Art, TARDIS Bedroom, Merry Xmas, The Majestic Tale, Who Tunes.

Awesome Art

Doctor Who and the Secret Time Lords by TravisTheGeek

We Will Survive- Upgraded Edition by Paul Hanley.

TARDIS Bedroom

A massive Doctor Who fan has turned his bedroom into a TARDIS. Australian JP Fox, 20, is so dedicated to the BBC television series that he replicated the inside of the Tardis in his room.

Via Daily Mail.

Merry Christmas Everyone

The Majestic Tale Trailer

Who Tunes

I Am The Doctor Duet:

Abigail’s Song (Silence Is All You Know) -- Piano Cover by Manu: