Doctor Who: Weird and Wonderful

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Weird and Wonderful is our look at some of the other Doctor Who bits and bobs around the web that caught our attention over the last week or so. This week: The Eleventh Doctor Ultimate Trailer; Sherlock vs. The Doctor; more Awesome Art; Who Tune and another Cool Collectable.

The Eleventh Doctor Ultimate Trailer

A great trailer for Series 5 and 6 by Sean Mossman.

Awesome Art

Doctor Whozdormu by Ghostwalker2061.

Doctor in Morrowind by Kissyushka.

Sherlock vs. The Doctor

I Can Do Anything Better Than You. This even got Steven Moffat’s approval.

Cool Collectable

The Eighth Doctor Maxi Bust. Available this August.


Who Tune

8-bit chiptune of the main theme by KaiClavier.

And there’s Sherlock as well…