Doctor Who: Weird and Wonderful

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Weird and Wonderful is our look at some of the other Doctor Who bits and bobs around the web that caught our attention over the last week or so. This week: Goresome art, Doctor Who pumpkins, a crazy Who collection, The Doctor & The Master trock and another cool collectable.

Goresome Art

A bit of a Halloween twist this week with the Doctor Whombies by Zerobriant. Also available on T-shirt from here.

Wholloween Pumpkins

The 10th and 11th Doctor by Dorkydame and Metaflibble.

A TARDIS pumpkin by Wearableart.

A Silent by Novawuff.

And, of course, there’s a Dalek…

By Brickbear95.


Fanatic, Peter Trott, was featured on Daybreak with his impressive Doctor Who collection.


‘The Doctor & The Master’ by Dr Noise.

Cool Collectable

8″ maxi-bust of Peter Davison as the fifth Doctor. Released 2012.