Doctor Who: Weird and Wonderful

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Weird and Wonderful is a round-up of the some of the other Doctor Who bits and bobs from around the web this week.

The 1st Doh-tor

Springfield Punx celebrated Doctor Who’s 47th anniversary by giving the first Doctor (William Hartnell) The Simpsons treatment. There are also now versions of The Ood, Donna, K9, Omega and the Cybermen since we last looked.

Who Tube

TroughtonLover94 created this excellent video tribute to Doctor Who’s 47 years on screen.

Cyber Invasion 2010

The Cybermen recreated an iconic scene from the 1968 serial, The Invasion, to promote the Doctor Who Experience…

…and probably confused/annoyed some London commuters trying to get to work -- Daily Mail

Cool Collectable

Busts of The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond coming 2011 at Forbidden Planet.

Santa hats are cool

Or is this pushing it? What types of hat should they get Matt Smith to wear next?