Doctor Who USA?

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In what is hopefully nothing more than the work of bored journalists, The Mirror is reporting that Doctor Who is heading the way of Torchwood with a US remake on the cards.

The paper claims that the team behind US drama Supernatural are developing an American version that will feature an American actor in the titular role.

A source apparently told the paper: “The countdown is on for an American Time Lord to take over the Tardis. Doctor Who is as British as tea and toast or fish and chips. So there will be a few ruffled feathers at the thought of such a British institution being given a Hollywood makeover.

“This is going to be an all-American Doctor. Think Uncle Sam with a Sonic Screwdriver.”

If the article has any truth (and we’re doubtful), then we suspect an American Doctor Who would join other successful US remakes such as Red Dwarf and Life on Mars. And by successes we mean utter failures.