Doctor Who Series 9 (2015) UK Ratings Accumulator


Doctor Who’s 2015 ratings. This post will be updated each week.

  • The Magician’s Apprentice 4.58m (overnight) 6.54m (final) 7.41m (L+7) AI 84
  • The Witch’s Familiar 3.7m (overnight) 5.71m (final) 6.58m (L+7) AI 83
  • Under the Lake 3.7m (overnight) 5.63m (final) 6.51m (L+7) AI 84
  • Before the Flood 4.38m (overnight) 6.05m (final) 6.77m (L+7) AI 83
  • The Girl Who Died 4.85m (overnight) 6.56m (final) 7.19m (L+7) AI 82
  • The Woman Who Lived 4.34m (overnight) 6.11m (final) 6.73m (L+7) AI 81
  • The Zygon Invasion 3.87m (overnight) 5.76m (final) 6.49m (L+7) AI 82
  • The Zygon Inversion 4.13m (overnight) 6.03m (final) 6.48m (L+7) AI 84
  • Sleep No More 4.0m (overnight) 5.61m (final) 6.09m (L+7) AI 78
  • Face the Raven 4.42m (overnight) 6.05m (final) 6.55m (L+7) AI 84
  • Heaven Sent 4.51m (overnight) 6.19m (final) 6.92m (L+7) AI 80
  • Hell Bent 4.8m (overnight) 6.17m (final) 6.86m (L+7) AI 82
  • The Husbands of River Song 5.77m (overnight) 7.69m (final) 8.27m (L+7) AI 82

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Overnight figures only include those who watched it live and those who recorded and watched it later that night.

Final figures includes those who recorded and watched within a week, making them a more accurate measure of how many were watching.

Live Plus 7 (L+7) counts those who watched live and all repeats, including iPlayer, within seven days following broadcast.

The Audience Appreciation Index (AI) is a score out of 100 which is used as an indicator of the public’s appreciation for a show. Over 90 is considered exceptional, 85 or over is excellent, 60 or less is poor, and less than 55 is very poor.