Series 6 So far (February Update)

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What do we know about Series 6 so far? Here’s a round-up of the major confirmations, rumours, hints and teasers.

February 2011 Update – New links added and episode guide updated

Air Date






Hints and Teasers

Episodes (Spring 2011)

Episode 1 & 2 (two-parter)

Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Toby Haynes.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a secret summons during the late 1960’s that takes them on an adventure from the desert in Utah – right to the Oval Office itself. River Song also returns. Features The Silence who are said to be terrifying. Guest stars Mark Sheppard as Canton.

Episode 3

Written by Steve Thompson. Directed by Jeremy Webb.
The TARDIS crew land in the 17th century and find pirates who are being terrorised by sirens. Guest staring Hugh Bonneville as Captain Avery and Lily Cole.

Episode 4

Written by Neil Gaiman. Directed by Richard Clark.
Set on alien junkyard planet. Guest stars Suranne Jone as Idris – a very important character in the Doctors life. Although Idris is preparing for death as the story begins, she doesn’t actually die. By the time the Doctor and friends meet her she’s gone mad and ends up biting the Time Lord.

Episode 5 & 6 (two-parter)
Written by Matthew Graham. Directed by Julian Simpson.
Part 1 titled The Rebel Flesh and Part 2 Gangers. A cloning storyline will see the Doctor and the TARDIS cloned. The TARDIS trio will also battle a new life form in a monastery and have to dodge pools of acid. The episodes will play a pretty big part in the whole series arc.

Episode 7 (two-parter)
Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Peter Hoar.
Currently titled Demons Run although it may change before transmission. The Cybermen and Sontarans play a part in the story. Will lead to a shocking cliffhanger that will change the Doctor’s life forever

Episodes (Autumn 2011)

Episode 8
Written by Steven Moffat
Conclusion of the Spring cliffhanger.

Episode 9

Written by Mark Gatiss. Directed by Richard Clark.
Working title was What Are Little Boys Made Of? Although it may now be called Night Terrors or House Call. A modern day episode set in an apartment block focussing on a young boy called George who has a nervous disposition. He is particularly scared of something in his cupboard, most likely, the scary dolls.

Episode 10

Episode 11
Written by Toby Whithouse

Guest starring David Walliams as a mole-like alien called Gibbis.

Episode 12
Written by Gareth Roberts

Guest starring James Corden as Craig Owens.

Episode 13
Written by Steven Moffat