Doctor Who: Series 6 Shake Up

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The episode running order of Series 6 of Doctor Who has been given a bit of a shake up. Steven Moffat revealed the news in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

The biggest change is that Mark Gatiss’ story has moved from episode 4 to episode 9. It means we won’t be seeing the creepy dolls until the Autumn now. More importantly, it also tells us that, given that both Amy and Rory are definitely in this story, they will both survive whatever happens in the spring cliffhanger…

Neil Gaiman’s story moves to episode 4, with episode 3 now penned by Steve Thompson. Thompson is new to Doctor Who but wrote the second episode of Sherlock‘s first series entitled, The Blind Banker.

The reason for the move is, according to Steven Moffat, because there was concern that “there was not enough outside and too many torches” in the original order.

Moffat also revealed he has written several different endings to episode 7 so the cliffhanger before the break doesn’t get spoiled.

The episode order as it now stands.

Episode 1 & 2 by Steven Moffat
Episode 3 by Steve Thompson
Episode 4 by Neil Gaiman
Episode 5 & 6 by Matthew Graham
Episode 7 by Steven Moffat

Episode 8 by Steven Moffat
Episode 9 by Mark Gatiss