Doctor Who: Series 6 Part 2 Monsters

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Let’s take a look at the remaining monsters from the second half of Doctor Who’s sixth series.

The Teselecta and Antibodies

A new monster called The Teselecta will appear in Let’s Kill Hitler. Described as a robot that goes back in time to try and right the wrongs of the past. Also in the episode are the Antibodies, jellyfish-like robots that guard the inside of robotic replicas and incinerate intruders.

Peg Dolls

The Victorian-looking Peg Dolls are the main monster of episode 9, Night Terrors. In the story, The Doctor, Alex, Amy and Rory are miniaturised and trapped in a life-size doll’s house. The Peg Dolls control the house and have powers of transformation.

The Handbots

The Handbots are from episode 10, The Girl Who Waited. Described as well meaning, but deadly hospital robots who are determined to inject Amy with medicine which would kill any human. Their heads can open and reveal what looks like a concealed weapon, so we assume this is how they inject you.


David Walliams guest stars as Gibbis in episode 11, The God Complex. Gibiss is a submissive mole-like alien who comes from a planet where the whole population are designed to be afraid. Their purpose in life is to welcome invaders and be captured.

The Mintotaur, Ventriloquist Dummies & Clown

The Minotaur is the main monster of The God Complex, and it stalks the maze-like corridors of the hotel the TARDIS trio get trapped in. But is he real or just one of the many nightmares that also include a clown and ventriloquist dummies?

The Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels return in The God Complex. Perhaps this is one of Amy’s nightmares, due to her close encounter last year?

The Cybermen & Cybermats

The Doctor and Craig (James Corden) are set to encounter the Cybermen in episode 12, Closing Time. The story will also bring back the Cybermats, small, cybernetic infiltrators used by the Cybermen. In the episode, the Cybermats are stealing electricity to try and restore their masters.

Silurians & Pterodactyls

Silurians will appear in the finale, The Wedding of River Song. In a behind the scenes clip, they are shown to be part of some alternate reality earth and appear subservient to mankind. Pterodactyls are also part of this reality and roam Hyde Park!

The Silence

The Silence are back in the finale, The Wedding of River Song. The trailer appeared to show one in what looks like a specimen tank. Might we see their origins?


Speculation on this ‘monster’ ranges from him being Odin to Omega. We have no idea who he is, or what episode he appears in. He looks Viking-esque and is playing a game of chess. Of course, the eye patch points to a possible connection with Kovarian.


Despite telling us otherwise, Moffat couldn’t resist bringing back the Doctor’s most famous foe again this year. A lone Dalek appeared in a preview clip at the press screening for Let’s Kill Hitler. Our guess is that it’s either one of the Doctor’s nightmares in The God Complex, or a cameo spot from the alternate reality earth featured in the finale.