Doctor Who: Series 6 Monsters

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Which monsters await the TARDIS crew in Series 6 of Doctor Who? Here’s a round-up of the ones we know and a few that have been rumoured.

The Silence

When Prisoner Zero told the Doctor, “silence will fall,” back in the first episode of Series 5, little did we know that the true meaning of the phrase would remain unresolved. Just who are The Silence? Reports indicate the mysterious species are set to appear in the Series 6 opener, where we will hopefully get some answers.

And let’s not forget producer Piers Wenger’s intriguing hint: “We’ll see [The Silence] in its physical form, but that is something that is already established in many ways. It figured in the last series but we’re going into the true terror of them, the horror of their species and their needs.”


It’s a strong possibility that the sharply dressed aliens seen in the trailer are actually The Silence/Silents. As we can’t be sure at the moment, we’ll just call them Greys due to the resemblance. The opening two-parter does feature men in black, so is it possible that the suit is just a part of their disguise.


Few expected the Ood to return, so when one popped up the trailer it was a little surprising. We’d speculate they are in episode 1 or 2 perhaps in Area 51. Of course, this Ood is glowing green so does this signify something else is controlling it?


‘Broken’ clones are said to be in episode 5 and 6 (The Rebel Flesh and Gangers). Rumours suggest the Doctor and the TARDIS will even be cloned and he will come face to face with himself.


A lone Sontaran was recently caught on camera during filming for Doctor Who. It is currently thought it was for a scene in episode 7,  although due to the cloning storyline of episodes 5 and 6, an appearance there would certainly seem more likely.


We don’t know much about these ‘dolls’, apart from they don’t look friendly and will now be terrorising Amy and Rory in episode 9.


Not confirmed, but the Cybermen have been rumoured since last year. Recent rumours have said that redesigned Cybermen will appear in an episode set in Egypt. This makeover is apparently more in line with their late 1960’s Doctor Who appearances.

Weeping Angels

Again, the Weeping Angels are not confirmed and an appearance doesn’t seem too likely as they were in Series 5, but when asked about it Piers Wenger teased, “Wait and see”.


And last but not least, The Daleks. It has been hinted there will actually be no Daleks in Series 6. Currently there have been no sightings of the pepperpots during filming. However, we think it’s too early to rule them out, at the moment. When and if they do come back though, Moffat has said that the old Daleks will join the new multi-coloured paradigm.