Doctor Who Series 12 (2020) UK Ratings Accumulator UPDATED

Doctor Who’s UK television ratings in 2020. This post will be updated each week throughout the run.

Quick Guide

  • Overnight TV ratings only include those who watched it live and those who recorded and watched it later that night.
  • Consolidated TV ratings includes those who recorded and watched within a week, making them a more accurate measure of how many were watching.
  • Live Plus counts those who watched live and all repeats, including iPlayer, within X days following broadcast.
  • Audience Appreciation Index (AI) is a score out of 100 which is used as an indicator of the public’s appreciation for a show. Over 90 is considered exceptional, 85 or over is excellent, 60 or less is poor, and less than 55 is very poor.

2020 Episode Ratings

 OvernightConsolidated (+7)+4-ScreenAI
Ep 014.88m6.70m6.89m82
Ep 024.60m5.91m6.07m82
Ep 034.19m5.25m5.38m77
Ep 044.04m5.07m5.20m79
Ep 054.21m5.42m5.57m83
Ep 063.97m5.09m5.22m78
Ep 073.81m4.77m4.90m78

2018-19 Episode Ratings

Show: show