Doctor Who NOT reduced in 2012?

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Just when you thought the situation with Doctor Who in 2012 couldn’t get any more confusing, along comes this bit of news.

According to an attendee at this year’s Comic Con France, Steven Moffat was asked how many episodes will be shown in 2012 and he responded with: “Contrary to some rumours you may have heard, there will be the same number of episodes.”

Later adding that there will be a change in transmission. But not on the number of episodes.

If all 14 episodes did air in 2012, this goes against what we’ve heard from multiple sources now. So we’re not sure what to make of this. It’s very possible it could have been misinterpreted, but it’s hard to say, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

There were also another couple of interesting bits from Moffat:

  • On River Song: “You do not know anything yet”
  • Apparently there is a pay-off to Rory repeatedly dying.
  • There are very ambitious plans for the 50th anniversary.

Thanks to Le Village and 3xcusemyfrench