Doctor Who Nominated in SFX Awards

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Lately it seems barely a day goes by without Doctor Who being nominated for some kind of award. Today it’s the turn of SFX who have opened nominations for their 2011 Sci-fi Awards.

Say’s the site, “It’s your chance to influence the biggest night of the SFX calendar: the annual, coveted SFX Sci-Fi Awards! And you could win tickets to the SFX Weekender where you’ll see the SFX Awards live, hosted by author Robert Rankin – all you have to do is vote then leave us your details.”

Doctor Who is nominated in the following categories.

  • Best TV show
  • Best TV episode – for Vincent and the Doctor
  • Best sci-fi actor – David Tennant or Matt Smith
  • Best sci-fi actress – Karen Gillan
  • Best collectable, model, toy or boardgame – Eleven Doctors action figure set
  • Sexiest male – David Tennant or Matt Smith
  • Sexiest female – Karen Gillan
  • Best special effect – Spitfires vs Dalek saucer
  • Best monster or villain – The Master or The Weeping Angels
  • Best death scene – Rory’s in Cold Blood or Ten’s Regeneration in The End of Time Part 2
  • Best plot twist – Rory is an Auton
  • Best gadget or future technology – Space spitfires or the Sonic Screwdriver
  • Best line – River Song “It’s not supposed to make that noise. You leave the brakes on”
  • Biggest disappointment or missed opportunity – Redesigned Daleks

You can vote online by clicking here.

Results will be announced in issue 206 of SFX, on sale 9th February 2011.