Doctor Who meets Indiana Jones

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Episode 8 of Doctor Who’s sixth series is currently shooting and there’s been action taking place that would make Indiana Jones proud. The episode (or part of it) will take place in Nazi Germany. So those Nazis we saw in the ‘Coming Soon’ trailer aren’t the only ones this series.

In scenes filmed yesterday Amy and Rory are stopped by a Nazi guard. Rory salutes to the guard and then proceeds to punch him out! The pair then escape by stealing a motorcycle.

Yep, Rory has changed his hair and Amy has the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

From here on it gets stranger. Rory and Amy stop and see a group of Germans screaming and running out of a nearby hotel in their underwear (see video below).

Then the duo are shocked to see a clone of Amy pull up beside them on another bike (see video below)!

This video below shows Amy’s clone close-up and it behaves very robotically.

In another scene River Song gets in on the bike action as well. Matt Smith was not part of it but was spotted filming on Friday in a tuxedo. And it’s rumoured that the Doctor will come face to face with Hitler himself!

A big thanks to Ryan Farrell for the great pics and footage.