Doctor Who is 50!

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The clock has stuck midnight in the UK and the big day has finally arrived! Yes, today our favourite TV show celebrates its grand 50th anniversary.

At 5.16pm on the 23rd November 1963 the BBC premiered An Unearthly Child and UK television viewers were introduced to the incredible world of Doctor Who for the first time.

William Hartnell was the Doctor, a strange old man who could travel through space and time in his blue police box. Little did anyone know that this was just the first incarnation of a character who would become so iconic and still be here 50 years later.

Of course, today’s very special episode, The Day of the Doctor, airs at 7.50pm on BBC1 in UK and will simulcast in over 75 countries (for our overseas readers please see broadcast details here). Or perhaps you are seeing it at the cinema? Whichever way you watch, we hope you enjoy!

We encourage our readers to follow the updates and join the live discussion on our special 50th anniversary homepage. Once the episode has aired we’ll have our regular ‘rate the episode poll’ where you can discuss the episode in all its detail. Throughout the day we’ll also have some special features during the build-up, including results of our Ultimate series of polls.

So, have a great day everyone and happy anniversary Doctor Who!