Doctor Who in the House

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Episode 4 is being shot at Dyrham Park in Gloucestershire. Serving as a giant doll house?

Filming on episode four of Doctor Who Series 6 is almost complete and next week episode three begins (yes, they are shooting in that order).

Director Richard Clark has been tweeting all week from the set and again threw out some interesting hints – or is it clever misdirection?

‘Bob’ was mentioned once more when Clark tweeted, “More of the same today. ‘Bob’ wielding his weapon as the forces of darkness close in. All hope lost..”

And then later, something stranger, “A days filming free of stunts, monsters, mayhem and madness. It’s barely Dr Who at all. Although there is of course a giant foot.”

Clark continued,”Watching Dr Who assembly from week 2. I shouldn’t tempt fate but… Scary. Funny. Even beautiful on occasion. We may just have something here.”

Yesterday Clark revealed. “First night shoot. One of many. Final location. 3 more days and episode 4 is done. Well, shot at least.”

And even overlord Steven Moffat joined in, “Watching Doctor Who rushes. Those. Things. Are. SCARY!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, location spy Baraduim was on the set at Dyrham Park (pictured) and had this to say,”There are a number of pretty women hanging around in white dresses – the clothes are a little similar to the Vampire ones last year, but are more like dolly costumes. One of the NT guides observed that these are the monsters in the show, without their heads on at the moment. During a take you can hear what sounds like crowing sounds coming from inside the rooms. The house itself looks like an immense dolls house, so a lovely setting for the story!”

Could the episode therefore be set in a giant doll house? According to another source this is indeed the case.