Series 6 Has Terrifying New Monster

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"Calling me stuffy?"

Executive producer Piers Wenger has said that Series 6 of Doctor Who is going to get a whole lot more darker and has promised a terrifying new monster.

Wenger explained to Bulls Eye: “The pressure is on us to top [Series 5]. That’s why we’re going off to the States to film for the opening two-parter, and that’s why Steven is coming up with more dark and complicated and strange things to inflict upon Rory and Amy and to complicate their relationship; to kind of mine the Doctor’s relationship with River, to reveal some pretty big truths about that relationship, and also to make some brilliant new monsters.”

Wenger then implied that there will be less returning monsters next year and said their latest creature feature makes the Weeping Angels seem like “stuffy old statues”.  A bold claim if ever there was one!

“We’re much more interested in new monsters than we are in classic ones, to be honest,” he said. “I watched an assembly of the first three weeks of filming of the first two episodes on Saturday, and I e-mailed Toby Haynes, who’s directing those episodes, to say “You are shooting the coolest and possibly the scariest new ‘Doctor Who’ monster in years.” I really, really truly believe that. They are quite terrifying. I worry for the sanity of some of our fans. I worry for our own sanity! They are properly scary. They are really going to make the Weeping Angels look like a bunch of stuffy old statues.”

Both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have said similar recently and we’re just itching to see this new creation! Hopefully we’ll get a glimpse in the Series 6 trailer at Christmas. If there is one, that is.